Root Canal Treatment Aftercare: Here’s What You Need to Know

Root Canal Treatment Aftercare: Here's What You Need to Know

Also known as root canal treatment, endodontics is a speciality within dentistry that focuses on conditions in the tooth pulp and the supporting tissues. Dentists save teeth that have suffered severe decay or fractures. It involves removing the nerve and pulp and sealing the tooth. Here, at Klinika Dental Clinic, we have qualified dentists who can treat and restore your teeth to their natural state.

The following tips below will help you with understanding and finding the best root canal treatment in Dubai.

Pain Management

After root canal treatment, you may feel tenderness or inflammation. This usually lasts for only a few days. In most cases, over-the-counter medicines are enough to ease the mild pain. Even engaging in activities that create distractions away from the pain can help a great deal. On some occasions, however, more vital pain medication is recommended, and medical care or attention may be required if the pain lasts longer than a week.

Make Smart Food Choices

Due to possible reactions or irritations after treatment, you must be careful with what type of food you eat. Such restraints may be slightly difficult, but good things come to those who wait, and in any case, it’s inadvisable to bite off more than you can chew. Soft foods such as soups, oatmeal, and scrambled eggs are preferable. It is vital to pay attention to the temperature of any food you eat. Eating foods that are too hot or too cold can lead to irritation.

Practice Good Oral Healthcare

An effective oral care regimen can help you recover from a root canal and save your teeth. Simple things, like flossing and brushing twice a day, can improve your oral health. And, of course, having regular cleanings and check-ups goes without saying, so keep things in check.

The Crown Must Be Installed As Soon As Possible If Advised

After root canal treatment, a temporary filling will be placed. This is to give the mouth time to heal before the permanent crown is placed. Rest assured, the crown will be installed as soon as possible by our dentist to prevent any severe damage to your tooth.

Follow Our Dentist’s Instructions

Each patient is unique, and so is every procedure. For instance, some patients may have allergies and body sensitivity to certain medical substances. Following our dentist’s advice is the safest assurance against minor hiccups.

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